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New Beginnings

Hi there, and welcome to our brand new site! I've always wanted to make sure that MCJukebox is accessible, and the launch of our new site is certainly a step in the right direction. Here, we'll be able to post important information regarding MCJukebox as well as promote new features as and when we launch them.

If you don't know me, I'm Oliver and I'm the creator of Jukebox! I currently work on all of the development myself, so I'll be keeping this blog updated with insights into how I built the service and the challenges we've overcome. If development is your kind of thing, this site is written in pure HTML/CSS and rendered using the Jekyll engine.

Well, if I don't stop writing I'll never be able to launch this site so I should probably go get a move on! Thanks for using Jukebox, and we hope that you enjoy what we've got to offer!